Our Mission 

Dufferin Home's mission is to give our customers the best possible modular-built home buying experience. We will strive for excellence in customer service throughout the sales process from initial contact to after-sale service.


Dufferin Homes was formed as the result of two families working together on a site-built Duplex after both had moved to Moose Jaw in early 2000 and could not find the type of housing their families required. During the construction of their new homes the clients were amazed at the number of problems with contractors, cost overruns, construction delays, move-in delays, and banking issues etc. So, when all was said and done we asked ourselves; Isn't there a better way to build a home!?

About two years later two of the original partners took a tour of a modular homes factory in Manitoba. We were amazed by the possibilities that modular-built homes could offer in terms of cost control, timely deliver, and the advantages of having to work with far fewer contractors than would be needed on a site-built project. Well the rest, as they say is history! Since then Dufferin Homes has been selling affordable, quality modular-built homes/structures to urban, rural, and commercial customers alike.

Our biggest focus though is just as much on people as it is on our products. We wish to have a top notch company that staff and customers love to deal with and that helps them achieve their goals as well as ours. We are not perfect but we are striving for excellence in all we do and doing that with integrity. Come experience the Dufferin Homes difference today.


Our Team

Roger Blager
// President

Glen Blager
// Special Projects


Moose Jaw Location

Moose Jaw Hours of Operation

9am to 4:30pm
9am to 4:30pm
9am to 4:30pm
9am to 4:30pm
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9:30am to 4:00pm


Moose Jaw Address

P.O. Box 2278,
Hwy. #1 East
(Petrolia Rd.)
Moose Jaw, SK
S6H 7W6
(306) 694-5455
(306) 694-5130
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Moose Jaw Location

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